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Family Photography | Henry

A real life rainbow, Henry, was turning 1 and it was a very special time to capture some family portraits for the Fischer family. You may remember Svenja's maternity session from last year, as well as her story about their first child that on The Fount Collective. Henry is proof that after a heavy storm comes a rainbow. He brings such happiness to his family and everyone he meets. His big blue eyes are filled with curiosity and brightness. I can't wait to see this little man so soon! 

Fischer Family -14.jpg

NY Newborn and Family Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: Iserlohn, Germany | Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab | DIGITAL IMAGES EDITED WITH NOBLE PRESETS

NY and NJ Family Photographer

A lot of parents worry about the behavior of their children during their portrait session. With two kids of my own, I can say, kids will be kids. They will be adventurous, they will get distracted, they may have a meltdown and they will definitely have a mind of their own. I go into every session with a lot of patience and some tricks up my sleeve to be able to capture family portraits that I know they will love. 

I loved working with this family on the New Jersey Shore last Summer. We dug in the sand, collected rocks, dipped our toes in the water, chased the seagulls, felt the wind in our hair and watched the enormous waves come crashing down. 

Irene Family Highlights by Michelle Lange Photography-28.jpg

NY and NJ Family Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: North Beach at Sandy Hook | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Best of 2017 | New York Newborn and Family Photographer

Whew... I didn't think this would be as hard as my best of 2017 weddings recap. But it was. Just when I thought I had it narrowed down, I would see another photo and go "awww but look at how cute that photo is too". While the title of this post states it is my best newborn and family photos from 2017, it really is just a very small set of my best. Every family I worked with this year had a story worth telling and they all had one thing in common. That one thing was a whole lot of love for their family.  I am so thankful to each and every family that I worked with to document a special day and time in their lives. Wishing lots of health and happiness to this special group in 2018. 

New York Twin Newborn Photographer-8.jpg

NY Newborn and Family Photographer: Michelle Lange | Locations: New York, New Jersey, Germany