New York Newborn and Family photography

One of the most beautiful things about being a family lifestyle photographer is being able to capture both the calm and the chaos and the ever-changing definition of both. Being able to bring back memories in a single photograph and reminding parents that there is beauty in both. Reminding them of simpler times when chaos was defined as what felt like millions of little kicks waking them from their sleep and the calm of being able to rest as one wished. Refreshing their mind of a time when their newborn lay milk drunk on their chest, eyelids fluttering and smiles appearing. Wondering what their newborn could possibly be dreaming about to result in such a cute, toothless smile. Making them think about the time they thought they would never make it through the sleepless, chaotic nights. These memories that a single photograph can bring back to a parent are why I love photographing parenthood and growing families.

I am based out of Albany, NY and travel regularly to New York City for newborn and maternity sessions. 



Sienna and Family | NEw York

Quinn, Elle and Family | New Jersey

Nirmel Family | New Jersey

Rizzuto Family | NEw Jersey

Landrum Family | Connecticut

Pia and Family | New York City



You spend your entire life looking forward to the next big thing. Whether it be graduating from college, going on a much needed vacation, your wedding day after months (and maybe years) of planning, holding your baby in our arms after months (and, again, maybe years) of yearning to do so. Before you know it, those next big things were 5, 10, 15 years ago and have become a distant memory.  

Your family photos will be one of the most important items in your life. Whether you choose to hang them on your walls, or keep them safely tucked away in an album on a bookshelf, they will be another reminder of how beautiful your life and your family really is. 


A very patient and calm photographer who loves photographing babies being loved on by their parents. At ANY age.

Quick responses and excellent communication.

Fully color corrected, consistent and timeless images in an easy to share online gallery. Classic imagery that will be sure stand the test of time.

A high resolution copy of all your images available through download with reprinting rights.



A photographer with 7+ years of photography experience and 4+ years of motherhood experience. Two beautiful children, Max and Madison.

Uses a variety of digital and film camera bodies, lenses and lighting equipment to best capture a family. Every location has a different photography recipe.

New York State registered and insured business.

Redundant on site and off site backups of your images.

An attention to detail in creating and composing all images.

Realistic gallery delivery timelines to ensure that the right amount of care can be put into each and every image. Every portrait gallery delivered within 45 days of the portrait date. A small number of previews can be provided for announcements as requested.

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Albany and Saratoga, NY Newborn and Family Photography Investment

Session fees range from $350 - $700

Digital download packages range from $100 - $1,500

*Previous clients receive 10% off

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NYC Newborn and family Photography Investment

Session fees range from $850 - $1050

Digital download packages range from $100 - $1,500

*Previous clients receive 10% off