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Rangefinder Online Article Roundup

As most of you know from my instagram feed and stories, I have been working with Rangefinder Online on photography business related articles. I wanted to do a little recap of what has been published to give you another chance of connecting with a post that may be beneficial to you and your growing photography business.

The Next Natural Step: Branching Out From Wedding to Newborn Photography

In this article, I share three tips on how to expand your wedding photography business to be a wedding and newborn photography business. I like to refer to this as a natural step in the circle of life and love.

Simple Ways to Strike a Healthier Balance Between Life and Your Photo Business

Back when I was a banking technology intern, long, long ago, I had the opportunity to have a 30-minute call with someone who's now the CEO of a big bank. I remember asking how she balanced work life and family life, her laughing and saying she didn’t. I wasn't quite sure what she meant then, but after six-and-a-half years in that industry, seven years running a photography business and three-and-a-half years with children, I get it. It isn’t about balance; it's about prioritizing.

There is no simple answer to how to prioritize your photo business and personal life, but I can share the wisdom I've gained and what I have learned to take into consideration over the years.

Tips to Photographing Your First Lifestyle Newborn Session

There is a first session for every photographer, and this article will help you with yours as you expand or transition your already-existing photography business into newborn photography.

How the Right Studio Management Software Can Save Your Sanity

Shortly after I began my photography business, I started looking around for studio management software. At that time, I had been working as a project manager in NYC in banking technology. The tools we used to streamline the projects we worked on inspired me to look around for tools that could help me do the same with my photography business. I share why I think it is important to sign up early on in your business and how I use my preferred software, Tave, in my business. Want to try Tave? Click on this link to double your free trial.


Photographer’s Guide to Holiday Discounts

This is a first for me this year, a little blog post about all the holiday discounts, Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday deals on photography related products that I use on a regular basis. There are MANY more discounts out there, but I wanted to be sure I had first hand experience with the products that I blog about. I will keep this updated with sales that I hear about for products that I use over the holiday season, so please check back!

Noble Presets

I have already written extensively about the digital preset that I use to match my film scans here. Noble Presets are on sale Black Friday for 30% off. This is the biggest sale I have seen since their launch, so take advantage of it in this link. No code necessary.

The Mrs Box

If you haven’t heard about Mrs Boxes, they are a a great addition to your styling kit and come in handy if you want an aesthetically pleasing ring box to photograph the rings in. Hooray for so many colors! On Cyber Monday, November 26th from 12am - 11:59pm PST, all items will be 30% off. Take advantage of The Mrs Box sale here.

Tave Studio Management Software

I have been using Tave since the very beginning of my business and it has been crucial to managing my leads, sending out quotes, invoices, documenting expenses, etc. Pretty much everything a photographer needs to keep their business organized. They are having their annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for prepaid subscriptions going on from November 22nd - November 26th. 16% off when prepay for 1 year, 25% off when you prepay for 2 years, 40% off when prepay for 5 years, and 60% off when you prepay for 10 years. Find out more here.

Pic-Time Client Galleries

Pic-Time has literally been life changing for me. I deliver and manage all my client galleries through them. It is such a beautiful platform and incredibly easy to use! They have 15% off all Yearly Plans from November 23rd - November 26th. You also get one free month when you sign up! Find out more about Pic-time here.

Pixellu Smart Albums

The absolute BEST album designing software out there. It is easy to use and I can design an album quickly and beautifully. It is 40% off until November 26th. You can find out more about Smart Albums here.

Make and Stow

The most beautiful wooden print boxes! They are on sale 20% off Friday, November 23rd only. Use code FRIDAY. You can find the Make and Stow website here.

Sandisk Extreme Pro Cards

How often do you replace your memory cards? The answer is likely, “Not often enough”. Amazon is having great sales on my favorite memory cards. $42.99 for 32GB CF cards and $21.69 for 32GB SD cards (95MB/s), I only use the 32 GB cards to be sure I do not put all my eggs in one basket. I am always writing to 2 cards. My RAW files to the CF card and JPEG backup files to my SD card.

Fuji 400H 120 Case Sale at The FIND Lab

If you are a film photographer, these are the best prices I have seen on Fuji 400H in a long time. 6.10 per roll, but you have to buy it in bulk! 100 rolls. Find out more information on the Black Friday sale here.

Apple 15.4” Macbook Pro

This one popped up in my email this morning from BH Photo and couldn’t believe this laptop was $1,000 off its original price. I paid full price on this bad boy in April. I always go for the fastest laptop due to the amount of editing I do on it. Originally $3,399, it is now $2,399 for a VERY short time. Head on over to BH Photo to check out the Apple Macbook Pro, watch the countdown clock and seriously consider it! Make a note you will need USB C to USB adapters for this computer, as Apple loves to make things super complicated :)

Photo Mechanic

Is culling images a drag for you? Photo mechanic is literally life changing. It is the fastest way I have been able to cull though my wedding and portrait sessions. $30 off of Photo Mechanic through November 26th. Find out more about Photo Mechanic here.

Holdfast Gear

I have been using their money maker dual camera strap for years. It helps distribute the weight of two incredibly heavy cameras across my back. I opted for one WITHOUT the D-Rings, as they are known for catching hair. So don’t forget to note that on your order. On Black Friday (November 23rd), their products are 10% off with code BLACKFRIDAY18. On Cyber Monday, their harnesses are 17% off with code CYBERMONDAY18. Find out more about Holdfast Gear here.

Rebecca Yale Flat Lay Styling Course and More than Pretty Tones

Incredibly talented, Rebecca Yale is having a sale on two of her great e-courses. Black Friday (November 23rd) is 30% off with code THANKS30, Saturday (November 24th) is 25% off with code THANKS25, Sunday (November 25th) is 20% off with THANKS20 and CYBER Monday (November 25th) is 15% off with THANKS15. Find out more about Rebecca’s courses here.

And as a housekeeping note, I am an affiliate for Noble Presets. I receive a small referral fee for purchases made through my website.  I appreciate if you purchase the presets after finding my honest review helpful. Only products I fully believe in and ACTUALLY USE will be presented and reviewed on my website. #keepingitreal

Marketing | Photographers Adapting to Changes in The Wedding Industry

I remember the day after I got engaged. I ran to Barnes and Noble to pick up all the wedding magazines on the shelf. I headed to the beach and didn't move from my chair other than the occasional dip in the ocean to cool off. I read and re-read every page in each magazine. I also remember the day that I got my first flip phone. It was supposed to be for emergency purposes only, but I am pretty sure I ended up being one of those teens that could write a text message pressing the numbers 1, 2 or 3 times faster than it would take me to just call someone. Over time, products and the distribution of materials disappear or change. 

It has been quite the year in wedding publication announcements. First Style Me Pretty announcing it would be closing up shop, which was, thankfully, saved by its founder, Abby Larson. Southern Weddings recently announced its last issue. And, now, Martha Stewart Weddings announced moving away from their quarterly publications to once a year magazine. 

So, does this mean that the wedding industry is going kaput? Absolutely not. It just means that leaders in the industry are reallocating their time and resources to areas that are profitable for them. Or, that they need adapt to the changing market to become more profitable. As a result, we need to adapt as well. Exactly as we have adapted from texting using numbers to full keyboards on our phones. 

So what can you do to adapt to these changes? 

Images from a shoot I did with  Ava Flora ,  Samantha Linn ,  Ipanema Press , and  Alexandra Grecco  as featured on  Wedding Sparrow .

Images from a shoot I did with Ava Flora, Samantha Linn, Ipanema Press, and Alexandra Grecco as featured on Wedding Sparrow.

Continue to Support Wedding Publications 

Abby Larson went out of her way to save Style Me Pretty. Martha Stewart Weddings is still publishing wedding digitally and will release an annual Wedding Guide. The Knot and Brides haven't made any announcements. By continuing to submit, read and advertise with publications, you are continuing to support them. As long as they have the support financially and content wise, and have readers, they usually keep moving forward. It doesn't mean that they wont have to adapt again in the future, but profitability and viewership are incredibly important in the success of these businesses. And in turn, the success of your business. Just a few more great wedding related online publications and blogs are: 

Support Your Own Blog

SEO is a powerful. VERY powerful. If you neglect your own website and blog, you are neglecting one of the most powerful tools in your business. Not only does blogging help you keep a world wide web presence, it showcases your latest and greatest work. As I once mentioned in an instagram post, most of your clients love to see you give their wedding some love on your blog. They are your tribe. So, feed the tribe. The sooner after a wedding you blog, the better the return. For weddings that I blog within 2-3 weeks of the wedding, I see 4 TIMES the number of unique visitors than if I were to wait to blog until after I deliver their gallery. Blogging quickly may not work for everyone and that is ok. Just don't forget to do it at some point. For you, for SEO and for your tribe. 

Wedding at  Inn at Erlowest . 

Wedding at Inn at Erlowest

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media 

While I personally find social media very time consuming and very distracting, I know it is important to the success of my business. I have never paid for followers or likes since opening my business. I have looked into it, but I always felt like I would be cheating the system. For some businesses, especially ones selling products, it may make sense. But for me, previously and at this moment, it is not for me. A few tips for social media: 

  • If possible, post daily. There are tools, such as Later, that can help you plan what you post. 
  • Get active. If you can, set some time aside each day to go read, comment and engage in conversation with other users. This is one area that I wish I could allocate more time to, but with a business, a home renovation and two young kids, you get the point. It has also been one of the reasons why I was considering a social media manager... to help engage with the community. If a social media manager works in your budget, I have friends that would highly recommend it.
  • Hashtag on Instagram. A great article on how to use them. If there is a particular area you are targeting, do not leave those out!
  • Tag vendors. Tag vendors to not only show them the work that they contributed to, but to also encourage reposting. 
  • Tag the location. I can't tell you how many times I have used this feature to research on an area that I am heading to. Whether it be things to do or places to see. I have even followed people because of this. 
Image from a shoot with  Reverie Made  and  PCB Home . 

Image from a shoot with Reverie Made and PCB Home


Going along with building your tribe, build your network. A large source of my referrals is through other photographers. I communicate regularly with a group of photographers with a similar style and price point. We refer each other when our own calendar is booked. We catch up regularly and chat all things business with each other. We toss around ideas and maintain that relationship and contact. I keep track of who is referring to me and I make sure to send referrals back when I can. Your network isn't just limited to your specialty, it extends beyond that. For wedding photographers, look for planners, florists, bridal shops, makeup artists, etc in your area to connect with. Meet them in person. When working together on weddings, don't wait 16 million years to send them a gallery of images. Often, they are just as excited to see photos as your wedding clients are. Every person you work with and connect with on a wedding day can lead to a great relationship and, possibly, a booking. If you do book something, don't forget a simple thank you.