New York City Newborn Photographer | Pia

I am going to use this adorable NYC newborn photography session to preach about the timing around newborn sessions. We live in a world where we feel pressure to do everything as quick as humanly possible.  Your newborn session should be one of the many exceptions and should be done at a time defined by you and only you. Every woman and family is different. A woman's body and mind often goes through the wringer at birth and the weeks, and sometimes months, after. Just because one family chooses to do their session when their baby is two weeks does not mean it is the best time for your family to do your session. Give your body and mind time to heal, whether it be two weeks or two months. In the meantime, soak up as many of those newborn cuddles as you can and we will capture them in all their glory when you are ready. 

I had the pleasure to finally meet this adorable 6 month old, Pia, after photographing her parent's maternity session last Fall. One of my favorite things about babies this age is that their personalities really start to shine. She was so intrigued with everything going on around her, especially her brother, Bear. Her eyes lit up every time she saw him. This session took place in their NYC apartment, keeping the location familiar and comfortable for Pia.

NYC newborn photography of baby and dog

NYC Newborn Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: In Home Session in NYC | Pia's Blue Romper: Lily Luna | Pia's Other Outfits: Jacadi | Mother's Vintage Dress: Doen | Mother's Linen Dress: The Reformation |  Fine Art Film Lab: The Find Lab