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Saratoga New York Newborn and Family Photography

By extremely popular vote, I am happy to share with you sweetest family I photographed near Saratoga Springs, NY. Baby David made his debut this past June and they wanted to capture their new life as a family of four. With an older sister who adored him just as much as she adored jumping on the bed, we got some great moments that truly capture the little’s personalities as much as their cuteness. Oh, and baby David got some serious Z’s in! If you ever want to get your newborn to sleep, hire a photographer :) Congrats to the Alexander family on their new addition.

Upstate NY Newborn and Family Photography

Saratoga NY Newborn and Family Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: In Home Session | Film Lab: The FIND Lab | Digital Edited with: Noble Signature Presets

Newborn and family film photographer based out of Albany and Saratoga Springs, NY. Traveling frequently to NYC and NJ to document growing families.

Newborn Photography | Lyla

Planning newborn sessions in Germany during the Winter can be quite a challenge. In North Western Germany, you see grey skies more than sunny ones. You see more rain than snow. I have yet to be there in the Summer but I have heard the Summer makes up for it. On the day we planned Lyla's newborn photography session, we had the most beautiful day and I knew I needed to incorporate that abundance of sun into the session. Give me all the sun flare :) Beautiful Lyla is one lucky little lady to have two of the coolest parents I know. I can't wait to head back and see her cuteness soon!

NY Newborn Photography-2.jpg

NY and Germany Newborn Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: Iserlohn, Germany | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Film Inspired Digital Presets: Noble Presets

NY Newborn Photography | Harriet

On a beautiful April day, I ventured into NYC to photograph the sweetest family. I often get emotional when I blog about a newborn, because I know how quickly they grow up. I recently saw a photo of Harriet, now one, and she is just as beautiful as she was at one month old. Good job Mama and Papa, you are raising a little lady that is going to move mountains one day. Keep up the great work and congrats on your new home in Connecticut! Little Harriet is lucky to have you as her parents.  

NYC Newborn Photography

Upstate NY and NYC Newborn Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: In home session on the Upper East Side in NYC  | Film Lab: The FIND Lab