Favorite Friday | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Every Friday, I want to post one of my favorite photos with a little explanation as to why. To start off this series I chose an image I shot on my Nikon d800 at Natasha and Stephen's wedding at Lake Mohawk Golf Club. To give you a little background, Natasha and Stephen were going to be moving to Japan a few weeks after they were married. This would be the first time that Natasha would be leaving her home. It was going to be a big move half way across the world for the next three years. The emotions at Natasha and Stephen's wedding were definitely at an all time high, adding this as a factor. Natasha and her father have the sweetest relationship. There were many moments throughout the day that they had to take a deep breath to hold back the tears (see bottom image). As you can imagine, I had been waiting for the father and daughter dance. I live for emotion. I live for moments to be frozen in time. I live for a tear running down someone's cheek. This photo says it all. An undeniable love between a father and his daughter. And yes, if you look close enough, tears were rolling down their cheeks. 

Favorite New Jersey Wedding Photographer

And because I just loved the connection between these two, below is a photo where we had to 'take just one minute' to hold back tears before heading into the ceremony. 

Favorite NJ Wedding Photographer