Salem, MA Engagement Photography | Brianna and Patrick

Just North of Boston, MA is a small town called Salem. Most people associate Salem with witches and signs counting down the days until Halloween. While the history in Salem is amazing and I am sure Halloween is as well, the rocky coast is one of the most visually satisfying areas there. For Brianna and Patrick's engagement photography session, I scouted out a few locations that would surprise them. I have this thing for finding engagement locations in towns that even locals may not know about. We started our coastal adventure in Marblehead and finished in Salem, eating up every bit of light there was on this moody and romantic day. I can't wait for these two to tie the knot next April in Upstate NY in Lake George! 


Brianna and Patrick's engagement session North of Boston in Marblehead and Salem, MA

Boston Engagement and Wedding Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: Salem and Marblehead, MA just North of Boston, MA | Fine Art Film Lab: The FIND Lab