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NY Newborn Photography | Harriet

On a beautiful April day, I ventured into NYC to photograph the sweetest family. I often get emotional when I blog about a newborn, because I know how quickly they grow up. I recently saw a photo of Harriet, now one, and she is just as beautiful as she was at one month old. Good job Mama and Papa, you are raising a little lady that is going to move mountains one day. Keep up the great work and congrats on your new home in Connecticut! Little Harriet is lucky to have you as her parents.  

NYC Newborn Photography

Upstate NY and NYC Newborn Photographer: Michelle Lange | Location: In home session on the Upper East Side in NYC  | Film Lab: The FIND Lab

Saratoga New York Newborn Photographer | Eli

I photographed their Upstate NY wedding at Saratoga National in 2016 and, a little over a year later, I got to meet their newest and most scrumptious addition. It really is such an honor to be able to photograph my wedding couples with their babies. Little Eli may not know it yet, but he is so lucky to be nourished and loved by his two incredible parents. Their session was photographed in the comfort of their own home near Saratoga.

Upstate New York Saratoga and Albany Newborn Film Photographer

Upstate NY Newborn Film Photographer: Michelle Lange | Fine Art Film Lab: The FIND Lab

Best of 2017 | New York Newborn and Family Photographer

Whew... I didn't think this would be as hard as my best of 2017 weddings recap. But it was. Just when I thought I had it narrowed down, I would see another photo and go "awww but look at how cute that photo is too". While the title of this post states it is my best newborn and family photos from 2017, it really is just a very small set of my best. Every family I worked with this year had a story worth telling and they all had one thing in common. That one thing was a whole lot of love for their family.  I am so thankful to each and every family that I worked with to document a special day and time in their lives. Wishing lots of health and happiness to this special group in 2018. 

New York Twin Newborn Photographer-8.jpg

NY Newborn and Family Photographer: Michelle Lange | Locations: New York, New Jersey, Germany