Wedding Photography

There is a feeling of pride that comes with being a wedding photographer and being able to produce romantic, authentic and timeless wedding images for a couple. It is a constant pleasure to be able to watch that couple, whom I have spent so much time getting to know, speak their vows and promises, and publicly declare their love and commitment. These feelings are what continue to feed my creativity and need to document weddings. (Photo of me and my other half) 

If your future spouse, celebrating with your loved ones and a killer dance party are the most important parts of your wedding day, I know we will get along just great!  And, total bonus points if you love organic, soft palette floral arrangements with a pop of color!  

Below you will find pricing, collections and wedding photography details. As I understand every wedding and couple is unique, I would be more than happy to prepare a custom collection based on your needs. Just let me know! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


NJ Wedding Photographer
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A photographer who genuinely LOVES weddings. 
Quick responses and excellent communication.
Fully color corrected, consistent and timeless images in an easy to share online gallery (be sure to browse through some recent galleries here).
A high resolution copy of all your images available through download with reprinting rights. 
A photographer who is more than happy to help you with your timeline and give extra advice to help you get the wedding photos of your dreams. A photography timeline is carefully prepared for every wedding


A photographer with 6+ years of wedding experience.
Uses a variety of digital and film camera bodies, lenses and lighting equipment to best capture each part of the wedding day. 
New York State registered and insured business.
Redundant on site and off site backups of your images.
An attention to detail in creating and composing all images. From your wedding shoes to your family portraits, images are crafted in flattering light with a thoughtful approach on using clean, complimentary and non-distracting backgrounds.
Realistic gallery delivery timelines to ensure that the right amount of care can be put into each and every image. Every wedding gallery delivered within 90 days of the wedding date.
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Collection One  | $7,500



8 hours of wedding photography by Michelle Lange 

Assistant photographer

Online gallery with download of digital images

Travel included for weddings taking place in the contiguous United States

Hotel Icona Cape May NJ Wedding Photographer

Collection Two | $9,500



10 hours of wedding photography by Michelle Lange 

Assistant photographer

Online gallery with download of digital images

Thirty (30) page 12x12 linen flushmount album

Travel included for weddings taking place in the contiguous United States



rehearsal dinner coverage (up to 3 hours with digital images) - $2500*
additional hour of coverage added to collection - $700*
digital files from wedding - $1500*
additional assistant photographer - $1500*
box with all wedding 4x6 prints - $1500*
thirty (30) page 12x12 linen flushmount album - $1800*
additional album page- $50* | leather upgrade - $200*
10 inch flushmount copy album - $800*
*Subject to Sales Tax
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Weekday Engagement Collection | $950 


Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of photography 

Online gallery with download of images

Complimentary travel within Manhattan. A quote can be provided for other locations.

NY Wedding Photographer in Westchester
NY Wedding Photographer in Long Island
NY Wedding Photographer in Westchester

The Process 

ONE | executed contract & paid retainer

After an executed contract and paid retainer of $3,500, you will receive a copy of my wedding guide with some helpful information regarding how we can further connect, quality vendors, help with the family portrait list, timeline samples. A wedding questionnaire will also be sent at this time. If you will be working with a wedding planner, please let me know as soon as possible, as I love to connect with them as well.  Feel free to reach out if you have any wedding related questions, as I like to be as much of a help as I can! If you are still in the process of scheduling ceremony and reception start times and would like to make sure you have more than enough time for photos, do not hesitate to email me. I am more than happy to provide you with some suggestions to ensure we have ample time to create beautiful portraits.

TWO | 6 months prior to your big day

50% of your remaining balance is due.

Three | 4-6 weeks prior to your big day

We schedule a meeting (Skype or phone call) to review the timeline, details and any outstanding questions.

FOUR | 1 month prior to your big day

100% of your remaining balance is due.

FIVE | week of your wedding

If you will not be using a wedding planner, I will be sending you a wedding photography timeline and worksheet so that you know where me, and my assistant(s) will be throughout your wedding day. If you will be using a wedding planner, this will be coordinated through them. 

SIX | wedding day

Hooray! Me and my assistant(s) arrive prior to the scheduled time and run seamlessly through your wedding day.

SEVEN | 1-2 days post wedding

Your digital images are backed up and your film is carefully packed and shipped to my lab. 

EIGHT | 2 weeks post wedding

I love to share some small teasers with you as soon as possible. Be on the lookout on the Michelle Lange Photography Facebook page and Instagram.

NINE | 3 months post wedding

I edit and prepare your images for your online gallery. Your wedding gallery will be delivered within 90 days from your wedding date. I can’t wait for your jaw to drop :) Upon gallery delivery, we can now begin any proof box image selections and album ordering. You can read more on the album design process here
Hotel Icona Diamond Beach by Cape May photographed by NJ Wedding Photographer

Timeline - How much coverage you will I need? 

This really depends on your wedding and whether you are looking for coverage from getting ready through the reception. Below I have outlined the various parts of a wedding day and approximate time needed. We can chat about this more to get a better idea of your needs. 

details & prep (2hrs+)

Prep begins with photographs of all your glorious details. This may include: your wedding gown, fancy shoes, accessories, invitations, rings, bouquets. Once the details are photographed, getting ready coverage begins, including the finishing touches on your hair and/or makeup and candids with those helping you get ready. 

getting dressed (45min)

All your attendants should be dressed by this time to help you carefully step into your wedding attire. I also love to use this time to do a few portraits. 

travel (varies)

Whether you need to walk or drive to the next location of events, it is important to leave ample time to travel to that location. This includes enough time to pack up, load and unload any details and important people from one location to the next. I suggest having at least 15-20 minutes for packing up and another 15-20 minutes for unpacking.

ceremony (30min+)

It is best to discuss how long your ceremony will be with your officiant. This includes procession, ceremony and recession. If you are having a receiving line, I recommend leaving 15 minutes for every 100 guests that are attending your ceremony.

ceremony prep (30 min)

This gives you enough time to be tucked away before your guests arrive. During this time, we introduce ourselves to the officiant and setup our gear.  It is important for us to understand any rules your officiant may have about where we can and can’t photograph from.

wedding couple portraits (45min+)

This is not only time to capture some of the most beautiful images from your wedding day, but also time for the two of you to enjoy some precious time away from your guests on your wedding day. If you are looking to go on an adventure for portraits, the more time, the better. 

wedding party portraits (30min+)

For an average size wedding party (12 attendants), 30 minutes allows enough time for portraits of your full wedding party, photos with each individual on your side of the wedding party, photos with your full side of the wedding party. If your wedding party is larger, or any additional combinations are requested, more time will be needed. 

family portraits (30min+)

Family portrait time allocation varies greatly from one wedding to the next. For smaller portraits (2-4 people), plan to allocate about 3 minutes for each portrait. For medium portraits (4-8 people), plan to allocate 5 minutes for each portraits. For larger portraits (8+ people), plan to allocate a minimum of 5 minutes for each portrait. 

cocktail hour (1hrs+)

While you mingle with your guests and enjoy those specialty cocktails and appetizers, the details of your cocktail hour and reception space will be photographed. If time allows, my second photographer will be circling your cocktail hour taking photographs of your guests. About 20 minutes prior to your main entrance, we begin setting up our lighting for your reception. 


reception (2hrs+)

The first two hours of the reception generally include: entrances, first dance, 2 specialty dances, 2-3 speeches, a dance set, and a mock cake cutting. It is important to go over how much time is recommended with your coordinator and band to make sure everyone is on the same page. I always check with you before I leave to be sure you do not want any additional coverage. You are more than welcome to have us stay longer. Any additional coverage will be invoiced a few weeks after your wedding, so you do not have to worry about it on your big day! 

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Other Questions? 

Can we see what a full wedding gallery looks like?  

I am so glad you asked! I honestly believe that this is one of the most important things a couple should do when deciding on a wedding photographer. Every year I receive at least 5 inquiries from couples who hired another photographer and would like to do an anniversary session to reshoot their wedding portraits. It isn't necessarily because their wedding photos were bad, but more often than not it was because of a mismatch in style. The style that you see reflected on a photographer's website and social media should also be reflected in their full galleries. You can view various full galleries of my work here.  You can also view more details on the album design process here

Can you hold our wedding date? 

Unfortunately, I cannot hold your wedding date without a signed contract and retainer of $3,500. Electronic contracts expire in 48 hours for this reason.

What equipment do you use? 

A lot! Ha. I use a mix of digital, medium format film and 35mm film to document your wedding day. 

Is travel included? 

Travel is included for weddings taking place in the contiguous United States. For weddings taking place outside of the contiguous United States, please contact me for a custom quote. 

How many images do we get? 

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. For weddings, you will receive a minimum of 600 color corrected digital images. These images will be uploaded to an online gallery and are ready to print!

What forms of payment do you accept? 

I accept check. 

How do we receive our digital images? 

If digital images with reprinting rights are included in the collection you booked, I will deliver the images through the online gallery with downloading instructions. It is very simple to use and easy to share with your loved ones, so your Uncle Bob from the south can download his favorite picture(s) from the dance floor. 



Thank you

The romance, laughter, tears, promises and the beauty of weddings.

A way to always remember the feelings and love from that day.