Your Newborn Guide

One of the most beautiful things about being a family lifestyle photographer is being able to capture both the calm and the chaos and the ever-changing definition of both. Being able to bring back memories in a single photograph and reminding you that there is beauty in both. Reminding you of simpler times when chaos was defined as what felt like millions of little kicks waking you from your sleep and the calm of being able to rest as you wished. Refreshing your mind of a time when your newborn lay milk drunk on your chest, eyelids fluttering and smiles appearing. Wondering what your newborn could possibly be dreaming about to result in such a cute, toothless smile. Making you think about the time when you thought you would never make it through the sleepless, chaotic nights. These memories that a single photograph can bring back to you are why I love photographing parenthood and growing families. (photo of my family)

This guide was created to help you plan for your newborn session. If there are any other questions that I can answer for you, please let me know. 


NYC Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
NYC Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer



Have your home temperature set at a comfortable temperature for how your baby will be dressed. 
We want to make sure all of you are well fed. I highly suggest that parents have something to eat before we start. While I certainly understand that you may have your baby on a feeding schedule, we may need a few breaks to give them an extra snack to help keep them calm and happy during their session.
If your baby has any preferences to music playlists or noise machines, feel free to turn them on :)  
Babies can and do get fussy during newborn sessions. It is perfectly normal! If we need a break for whatever reason, we can do so! 
NYC Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
NYC Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
NYC Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer



Because there will be a lot of cuddling with your baby during your session, I highly recommend choosing a neutral color palette. This will prevent any bright color casts onto your baby's skin and help pop light back onto their face. 
We will likely do a combination between swaddling your baby and having them dressed in a onesie type outfit. Feel free to incorporate any outfits or accessories that are important to have photographed. I would suggest trying to stay under 3 'looks' for your baby, especially if they like to snooze. 
Clothing store suggestions for baby that you may not know but will sure love: L'oved BabyFawn and Forest, Finn & Olive,  Mini Mioche, Rylee and Cru, Zara Mini 
For accessories, I highly recommend a couple of textured blankets. Zara home knocks it out of the park with them. Little Unicorn has great swaddles. 
Clothing store suggestions for mom that you may not know of but will sure love: Joie, Rachel Pally, Free People, Doen
NJ Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
NJ and NY Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart. 
– Winnie the Pooh



If you plan on doing a baby announcement card and already have a style picked out, please let me know in advance so we can plan for a specific shot that works with that card style. 
If you haven't picked out a card yet, you can always try Minted or Postable
I am more than happy to help you design one on one of the sites above! Just let me know.  
NY and NJ Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer
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NJ Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer

Other Questions?

When is the best age for newborn portraits?

Because my newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions (parents are in the photos loving and cherishing that time with their baby), there isn't really a specific age the baby needs to be. Every day is a new wonder with a newborn. From being teeny tiny and sleepy, to learning how to smile, coo, crawl, walk, clap, play, laugh. 

What is the best time of day for our session?

For in home sessions, I recommend scheduling it when natural light is at its best. 

How long until we see our pictures?

For portraits, color corrected digital images are uploaded to an online gallery, at the latest, 2 months from your session. If you require photos for announcements, I can send you a few of my personal favorites to download within 2-3 weeks (depending on my film lab’s developing time).
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Thank you

To be present with your children, as a family. Relive the cuddles, the smell, the sounds and size of your little ones.

To not only have photographs of your children, but with your children.