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I have been wanting to start a series of posts that I felt would help couples with their wedding day decisions. One topic that has been forefront in my mind is one that I learned from my own wedding... the practicality and comfort of your wedding gown. I have to admit that I loved the look of my gown, but I felt limited to what I could do on my wedding day. I was, simply, uncomfortable. Wedding dress shopping was one of the first things I did and I definitely rushed to make a decision without consulting those with experience. I am hoping that these tips help make sure you have a beautiful and comfortable wedding day. As always, your wedding day is a day to celebrate the love between two people with those who mean the most to you. Always keep this #1 on your wedding day agenda!

The perfect, comfortable wedding dress

The Sitting Test

After you finish picking your jaw off the floor seeing how gorgeous you look in your dress, take a seat in it. While you will certainly be on your feet for most of the day, there will be moment that you need a break or will be sitting for formalities of the day (ceremony, car ride to venue, eating, speeches, etc). Be sure that you are just as comfortable sitting as you are standing and that various body parts do not move where they naturally shouldn't be and that there are not parts of the dress causing permanent dent tattoos. 

The Barely There Under There

Once you think you found the one, as your consultant if there are any undergarments that you can try on with it. Make sure that the undergarments that work with your dress are comfortable with it. My dress already had a ton of boning in it and once I added an undergarment... my rib cage unnaturally shrunk 5 sizes. While some people make be able to handle any amount of uncomfort, doing this will confirm whether it is manageable for upwards of 12 hours on your wedding day. 

The Heat Test 

Are you already breaking a sweat just trying on your dress? Wedding days are long and can sometimes be VERY warm depending on location and time of year. If you are already melting in a temperature controlled bridal salon, you may want to consider another gown. 

When All Else Fails 

So your dress is 'the one', regardless of how uncomfortable it is. Have a 'reception' dress delivered to your venue earlier in the day that you know you can dance the night away in. 

Below are some gowns by designers I adore and that also look very comfortable! Anne Barge, BHLDN (NYC Store is Opening 3/21/14!!!), Jenny YooLiancarloMonique Lhuillier and Reem Acra.