I live by the saying, "you first have to believe in yourself before others believe in you". I will be the first to admit that there were times between seasons I didn't believe I would be able to handle living on separate continents for another season. I was, at times, selfish and thinking about my own dreams of living in a home with a white picket fence and a few little blonde kids running around the yard. At those times, I didn't believe that I could mentally handle another year of consecutive weekends by myself. My selfishness got in the way of believing the distance was worth it. This past Summer, we agreed to believe together that another year of long distance would be worth it. There was a glimmer of a dream that we would actually be able to close on our first home and glimmer of a wild dream that Mathias would be able to join Team Austria in the Olympics. These glimmers were all we needed and we both went in believing it would be worth it. The month of January into early February was a true test to that glimmer, being listed as a reserve player, to some roster changes, to actually flying out to Sochi. I watched Mathias walk in the opening ceremony with the biggest grin on his face from the comforts of our new home :) I followed Austria's first game against Finland where Mathias cheered from the stands. And, then, I watched Canada vs Austria's game where he dressed and cheered from the bench. Then, going in as a relief in the third period, Mathias played in an Olympic game. I don't think I have ever bawled my eyes out as much as I did when I saw with my own eyes another wild dream come true for someone that I love so much and hasn't always had the easiest road. Be a great person, work hard and most importantly, believe in yourself and your loved ones. Mathias, we are so proud of you!