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When I look back on my wedding in July of 2011, I remember a once in a lifetime day that I was able to spend with Mathias, my family and friends. It was hands down the best day of my life. Because I always want to learn from my past experiences and share those with others, I will be the first person to say that there were a few things that I would have done differently to make the day a little less stressful after months of being the lead planner. One of those things would have been to hire a day of wedding coordinator. When planning your own wedding, you wear multiple hats. When it comes to the actual day of your wedding, you should only be wearing one. That hat is to be a bride. You shouldn't have to worry about calling the rental company who delivered the chair pads in the wrong color, or wondering when the next course is coming out, or trying to find out when the cake cutting is going to happen. 

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing woman and wedding planner, Kat Eitner. She blows my socks off when it comes to being super organized. She over-communicates, is very calming and always walks around with a huge smile on her face. I have asked her to be a guest blogger and answer a commonly asked question. Besides my own past experiences as a bride, what  are some other reasons a bride and groom should choose to hire a wedding planner? 

From Kat...

As a wedding planner the question I almost always get is, why would a bride and groom choose to hire a wedding planner?  This question is obvious to ask and impossible to answer in less than a half hour {I'll try to cut it back, just for you guys!}.  I, once again obviously, am very passionate about hiring a wedding planner, it's why I started my own business.  I have put together the short list of reasons that relate to any couple planning a wedding and I hope it inspires you to hire {maybe not me} but a wedding planner to guide you through the craziness that is the wedding industry.

1. Professional Assistance

A good wedding planner has seen it all when it comes to weddings.  They've done tons of weddings and know the ins and outs of everything wedding.  I firmly believe that going into wedding planning without professional guidance is relevant to buying a home without a realtor.  I don't like going into any situation blind rather a once in a lifetime event where I am celebrating the love of my life with my closest friends and family.  I want a professional to guide me through every little detail and have them there so I don't make a big mistake that can't {or is very difficult and costs tons of money} be fixed.  A wedding planner guides you through everything, from vendor contracts {crossing every t and dotting every i} to keeping your budget under control {even when you HAVE to have those peonies in the dead of winter}.

2. Wedding Friends

Wedding planners, as I've said before, are masters of the wedding industry.  We have to know trends, color schemes and everything in between.  With this being said, we also have to know a lot of professionals in the business.  We {at least for me} pinch ourselves when we find professional partners that are great at what they do, love what they do, can be trusted and most importantly in some circumstances, make it fun to work with them.  Some of our closest friends are photographers, florists, designers and make up artists and when you hire a wedding planner, they open up their world of contacts to you.  This is an amazing gift because if you click with your wedding planner {and if you don't, please, please, please don't hire them} and trust them with your wedding day, you will most likely click with their vendors and trust them as well.

3. 3rd Party Mediator

This is a wedding and maybe you're heard the saying that people's true colors come out when planning a wedding.  In this case I am rarely talking about the bride and groom, it's usually the immediate family of the bride or groom {I'm talking to you moms and sisters}.  I have seen so many family's issues rise to the surface during wedding planning I am thinking I could start a side business in therapy {but that means stuffy rooms and no pretty dresses, I'll stick with my day job}.  You may go into your engagement period with everyone expressing that it's your day and you do whatever you want.  Well, after over a year or more of planning, most people are done doing it your way and have their own visions for your wedding day.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to have the conversation with mothers {of both bride and groom} who insist they invite their co-worker from twenty years ago or are trying to save the budget by suggesting fake flowers.  During these conversations I love putting on my mediator hat and helping explain to mom why the guest list needs to stay small for the intimate affair their beloved son or daughter is yearning for or that fake flowers really don't create the ambiance the couple is going for {and NEVER EVER fake flowers, don't even get me started on this}.  It creates a conversation instead of leading into a screaming match that ends in tears.  Everyone has always left these types of sessions conversations in good spirits and excited for the wedding day, which is the ultimate goal.

4. The Actual Wedding Day

I'm going to just lay it out to you brides and grooms - things WILL go wrong on your wedding day.  It's not a matter of what, it's a matter of when.  While I use my super human skills to be able to anticipate what those things will be, sometimes it even takes me by surprise.  However, a good wedding planner will attempt to never let you in on those things that go wrong or need to be fixed because that's not your job.  Your job on your wedding day is to celebrate, be around people that bring you joy and just plain, be happy and madly in love.  Wedding planners handle everything from human error, traffic and my personal favorite, the weather {anybody else get crazy about things that are really and truly out of your control?}.  I feel as though this is really the time that couples come to appreciate the wedding planner because after all that planning, no one wants to be checking that their own vendors are on time, that the right china is being set and that the ceremony flowers are set up perfectly.  Enjoy one of the most important days of your life and leave the checklists to a professional.

5. Communication {with everyone}

I have already touched on this but communication from the first meeting is key.  From communicating with you, the couple, to make sure I am envisioning the same wedding as you are to communicating with vendors on the day of to make sure the timing is perfect is a skill that is acquired over time.  Wedding planners are professionals at communication.  From negotiating your catering contract during the wedding planning to communicating with the florist to make sure the reception centerpieces are set on time, the art of communicating is crucial.  Wedding planners are also great at communicating with vendors and guests for you.  The amount of emails, phone calls and texts that go on between all your vendors and the wedding planner is astonishing and you wouldn't believe me if I told you the amount of time I spend moving my little fingers so fast I see smoke {no fires have ever been started because of this activity}.  Also, the information that needs to be passed onto the guests goes through the wedding planner and saves you phone call after phone call of guests saying, "there's traffic, is that a cloud I see, where do we park, what's the address of the church again."

While I could go on and on about how wonderful we wedding planners are, I will end my ongoing plug here.  I will leave you with this; I love weddings, I love being a part of my couples love stories and I really love what I do.  I have to pinch myself because I can't believe I get to do what I love.  I can only hope that every couple puts themselves as a priority and hires a planner, it really is a priceless asset to have {and to hold - I couldn't help myself}.

Disclaimer - Find a planner that you relate to.  If you can't see this person being a friend, don't hire them.  It's usually a long engagement period and a planner is going to be with you over months and sometimes years.  You don't want to spend time with someone that you don't see yourself getting along with.

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