Life Lessons from a First Time Las Vegas Gambler

As most of you know, I am currently in Las Vegas for a wedding photography convention. It is my first time to a photography convention of this size and also my first time to Las Vegas.  I never thought I would say this (especially since I live near NYC), but it is a little overwhelming. Some of you may remember from my 2013 goals post that I wanted to gamble $100 in Vegas. Last night was the night that I checked this goal off my list. I thought I was prepared for my first time gambling over $20 in a casino, but boy was I wrong. I walked up to an empty Texas Hold'em table and put down my $100 bill (which I would never see again). It was $10 to play, so I put the chips in one of the 4 circles that I saw on the table. I was given two not very good cards and was told that if I wanted to continue to play, I would have to put down an additional $20 in the next circle. I did and the dealer had a better hand then me. The next hand was when everything changed. I was dealt two aces. I played and, again, the dealer beat me with two sets of pairs. The dealer, Lam, said that I should have put down money in the bonus. At this table, if you put down money in the bonus and are dealt 2 aces right off the bat, you win 30-1 on the amount you put down in the bonus. I initially thought I could put down the money AFTER I was dealt the cards, but it was actually BEFORE I was dealt the cards that I needed to decide if I was going to put money on the bonus. My third hand was AGAIN two aces, but I didn't understand the rules, so I didn't get the bonus. The fourth round, I decided I would put $1 on the bonus. Third time's a charm? My fourth hand was just that, another pair of aces. Lam looked at me and said he had never, in his life, seen someone get dealt 3 sets of aces in a row. And then came security. Yes, I was asked by security if I was hiding cards. Soon, security realized that I was just a first time gambler with some beginners luck gone bad. If I had known about the bonus, I would have won 30 to 1 three times in a row.

My life lesson yesterday: When it comes to any risky investment, you need to FULLY understand how the game is played BEFORE you begin the game.

Las Vegas Gambling Pocket Aces Eiffel Tower Photo