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It's here! It's here! The perfectly polished Michelle Lange Photography website is here! It all started with my trip to Jasmine Star’s creativeLIVE course. I launched my business only a couple months prior and still had so much to learn.  Over the next three days, I absorbed as much information from Jasmine as I could, learned how my classmates ran their business, met some of the sweetest people, and got a sneak peek into the rebranding that Ashley B and Ashley M were going through. The sneak peeks were convincing enough that in order for potential clients to get a feel for my personality and how I ran my business, I needed a brand. I had a blog and a great logo, but I was missing a brand. I was missing a storefront that gave you a preview into what your wedding photography experience would be like with me as your photographer. While it definitely had a high price tag, the benefits were greater. I knew I would have to forgo some equipment I wanted to get. When it came down to it, you can rent all the equipment you want, but you can’t rent a brand.

The day that I left Seattle I sent an email to Three Fifteen Design, Ashley B's designer. I heard back immediately from Ravyn. Over the next couple of days, we emailed and had a chat on the phone. Within two days, I was on her calendar for a full rebrand. Ravyn wow’d me every step of the way. From our initial chat, to the super detailed logo designs, to the mockups of my new website and the final launch.

Michelle Lange Photography Design Inspiration Board

We started off with this beautiful inspiration/design board:

Ravyn came up with an absolutely perfect concept for my site, that revolved around one piece of a wedding, the invitation. A wedding invitation is the first piece of a wedding that guests see. It gives guests a preview of the wedding day. By having such an inviting website (get it? ha), viewers get a glimpse of the Michelle Lange Photography experience. The best thing is that the clean, classic, beautiful and inviting feeling from the website does not just stop there.

Michelle Lange Photography Website

I can’t thank Ravyn of Three Fifteen Designs enough for being so incredibly creative, inspiring and easy to work with. The rebranding experience from beginning to end was a blast! I can't wait  to see more of the beautiful work she produces and the excitement she gives to other photographers that she works with.