Ali + Jay Wed

Shot for Vanessa Joy Photography

A few weekends ago, I was invited to accompany Vanessa of Vanessa Joy Photography at one of her weddings. I will be forever thankful to Vanessa for the opportunity to be able to shadow such a talented wedding photographer and for being introduced to a sweet couple, their family and their friends.

Ali & Jay's wedding was one that was full of happy tears, sweet kisses and a whole lot of love. As Jay waited for Ali at the alter, he didn't look nervous as most grooms do on their wedding day. In fact, his eyes started to fill with tears and his lips curled into a huge smile. I honestly will never forget his reaction to seeing Ali for the first time. His eyes were practically sparkling and he looked like the happiest man on earth at that moment. When I finally saw Ali through the end of my lens, I could see that she also had the same look in her eyes and feeling of complete happiness. These reactions, from the bride and groom on their wedding day, continuously remind me how lucky I am to be a wedding photographer and how I have my groom waiting at home who makes my own eyes sparkle with happiness.

I wish Ali & Jay a lifetime of those sparkling moments that are just as special as their wedding day.

Rob Adams Films documented Ali & Jay's wedding day and even did a same day edit!!!! It absolutely took my breath away. You can view Ali & Jay's wedding trailer on the Vanessa Joy Photography blog here.