Jasmine Star creativeLIVE - Behind the Scenes

To say that I am still emotional right now is an understatement. Of course it is the good kind of emotions, as if I have been just given all the tools and knowledge to go out there and win the world series. Last weekend was the most inspirational and knowledge rich weekend of my entire life. It all started with a dream, video camera and some help from amazing friends. Last fall when I first dabbled in photography, I was referred by a friend and fellow photographer to Jasmine Star’s blog. Of course I immediately went home and read pretty much every post that I could fit into a two hour window. I was fascinated by the gorgeous pictures and personality in every post. I then decided to go out and google ‘Jasmine Star Learning’ and came across a genious online learning classroom called creativeLIVE. I watched a few clips from her ‘Building  A Wedding Photography Business’ and new I had to purchase the course. Over the next two weeks, I was glued to creative live every free minute I was able to watch. I felt like I knew her and her students personally and knew that if there was ever another chance to be part of a course, I was going to definitely submit a video.

Fast forward to February when it was announced that Jasmine would be coming back to creativeLIVE. I don’t know what took me so long, but I waited until March to start coming up with a theme for my video. Originally I decided on doing a ‘Cast Away’ like video  but last minute decided to take a risk and create a ‘Things Photographers Who Want to Attend Jasmine Star Creative Live Course Say’. After waiting and waiting for the winners to be announced, I later found out that I was picked to attend the course live in Seattle. AHHHH! At that time, I didn’t really know how much that experience would change my life… for the good.

After a crazy couple of days at my day job, I was finally at Newark Airport waiting for my flight to Seattle. Already being BFF with the other students virtually, I knew we were going to have a blast together. The flight from Newark to Seattle seemed like the longest flight of my life, because I was soo excited to meet everyone... in real life.

I got to Seattle and first met up with Ashley B … who was also my roommate for the trip. John also got in at the same time so we all met up at the airport. John decided to rent a car so we made the trip to seattle with a very appropriate ‘Roll Out’ theme song leaving the rental car facility to go to seattle. Forget checking into the hotel, we went straight to Pikes Market where we had a blast  visiting the very first Starbucks (YAY!), checking out all the area had to offer and wrestling a pig.

A little later that evening we met up with Brittany where we went to explore the ‘shopping area’ and to get some weather appropriate cardigans, play in some cool blue trees and have some dinner at Cheesecake Factory. This is where Mark came and joined us for dinner and laughed the night away.

The next morning we finally met Ashley M who drove with her husband overnight from Canada and joined Jasmine and JD for breakfast. It was so nice to have a breakfast before going live and it definitely calmed the nerves… a bit.

First walking into the creativeLIVE studios, I was amazed at how welcoming everyone was and super friendly. Before we knew it, the course that was about to change my life… started. I could go on and on and on… for days around everything that I learned that weekend but I think its best that everyone just watch the course to get the same effect that I did. I truly believe that every photographer, regardless of the level of experience, should watch this course. The course may come across as though it is specifically related to getting published, but you learn so much more. This includes detailed shot lists, over communicating with the bride to ensure no important aspect of the wedding day is missed, building relationships with wedding collaborators, swapping heads in Photoshop, overview of how Pass works, learning how to make use of less then ideal shooting spaces and much more.

Jasmine, I can’t thank you enough for being such an amazing woman who inspires me to make my dreams a reality, work hard, be humble, over communicate,  and to organize organization. You are by far the kindest, honest, your laugh makes me laugh, talented and best dressed gal that I know and am blessed to have a friend like you. To me, you are the encyclopedia of what to do right in wedding photography. This industry is so lucky to have someone like you who shares everything they know, in a very easy-to-understand and fun manner.

JD, I see a lot of my husband in you with how supportive, friendly and gung-ho about arm wrestling. I know without my husbands support that I wouldn’t be where I am. I learned a lot from you this weekend and seeing what you do as a second photographer. I am extremely excited for my future second photographer jobs to second shoot as creatively as you do.

CreativeLIVE, I LOVE YOU. Your online learning platform is genious and all the people who make these classes possible rock my world. You work your butts off to give us photographers the tools to do great things.

My J* Primes, BFF’s… Forever. I honestly wish that we could live in the same city so that I could see all your faces every day. I learned so much from all of you and can't wait to see you all very soon. XOXO.

Ashley Barnett, you are one fashionably FABULOUS roommate and am so excited to see your business sky rocket! I am so impressed by the start of your rebranding and can't wait to see the final product. Thank you for referring me to Ravyn! I also hope that you soon add a frenchie to your family :)

Ashley Martens, you are one beautiful photographer, wife and mother of three beautiful girls. You are truly an inspiration to me and, I am sure, every other photographer who hopes to expand their family. As Jasmine said, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. You definitely get it done my friend!  I can't wait to see your awesome new website go live!

Brittany Lauren, your stop motion is just as AHHHHHMAZING as your personality.  I love how you embody how age does not determine ones success in an industry. Never let that hold you back form doing big things, as you already have done big things and will continue to do so. I hope to see you soon on the east coast! Check out Brittany's stop motion from our trip here.

John Cain Sargent, your smile makes me smile and I can see why you have so many friends. I cannot wait to see how your styled shoot turns out and the impact it will have on photographers and those planning traditional weddings in the South. As always, everything is bigger in Texas and this shoot will be no exception!

Mark Nabong, you represent your motto perfectly... 'Just Do Ittttt'. From carrying around your 70-200 all weekend, to creating the prime badge, going full force into your own rebranding and having a full time job in addition to your photography business. You are going to kill it and make people laugh along the way!

Oh and just a warning... these images are a whole bunch of crazy randomness. These are just some of my favorites :)

Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 1
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 13
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 2
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 14
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 16
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 18
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 5
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 27
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 21
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 20
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 22
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 23
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 6
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 19
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 15
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 25
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 26
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 4
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 24
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 3
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 29
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 7
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 30
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 31
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 28
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 12
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 10
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 32
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 38
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 35
Jasmine Star creativeLIVE Seattle 33