All online galleries are guaranteed to be available for one year from date of delivery.

Per the contract, After release of the digital files to Clients via electronic delivery, CD/disc or USB, Photographer will no longer be responsible for the archiving and storing of any proofs and files in connection with Clients' Wedding, and Clients are fully responsible for the safe-keeping of all proofs, digital negatives, prints and albums. I highly recommend storing your wedding images a minimum of three ways: 

1. On the cloud. I recommend Dropbox

2 . On an external drive. 

3. Prints. Yes, actual prints of your wedding images :) Remember floppy drives and instant messenger? It is like the old school version of USB drives and Facebook. Prints never go out of style! Below are samples of the print boxes that I offer to my clients.


Print Boxes 

100 prints - $600

All prints - $1500

4x6 prints enclosed in keepsake box

NJ Wedding Photographer Products-37.jpg
NJ Wedding Photographer Products-29.jpg


Album Ordering & Design Process


Your wedding album is not just a book. It is not just a collection of images. Your album is a story from one of the happiest days of your life. It is a story that will forever be shared with your loved ones and for generations to come. Michelle has partnered with album makers to provide the most beautiful, hand-crafted wedding albums in the industry. Your story and memories from your wedding day will be simply unforgettable. 

Album Design Process

To make sure that this story is told in all its glory, the following steps outline the process to perfecting the story:

  1. Select the type of album(s), size(s) and add ons.

  2. Place order. Full payment is required to begin image selection, design and review process.

  3. Michelle selects the initial set of images for album. For the Keepsake Albums, the number images selected will be no more than 2 times the number of pages in the album. For the Book Albums, the number of images will be equal to the number of pages in the album (one image per page).

  4. Clients review & approve image selection. One round of changes can be made.

  5. Album design begins. Please note, album design is not available December 22nd - January 12th of every year, due to holiday at album maker.

  6. Clients review & approve album design. Two rounds of up to 5 simultaneously requested changes can be made.

  7. Album is ordered.

  8. Album is printed and hand crafted by album company. Production time is 6 weeks off-peak and 8 weeks on-peak (Nov - Mar). Please note, production is not available December 22nd - January 12th of every year, due to holiday at album company.

  9. Album is shipped to Michelle for review. Delivery time is 1 week.

  10. Album is shipped to clients. Delivery time is 1 week.


Album Terms

Clients will be provided a digital proof of the album/book design for approval.  Two rounds of up to five (5) simultaneously-requested changes will be included; any additional changes requested by Clients for any reason shall be billed at the rate of fifty dollars ($50.00) per hour.

Clients must have any album/book orders completed and approved for printing within six (6) months from the date of the album order, or additional fees shall be incurred. Should Clients fail to respond to Michelle Lange’s request for approval of the album layout within six (6) months of receipt, Michelle Lange shall be entitled to proceed with the printing of the album and upon completion the album will be sent to the address provided by Clients in section 19(e) (“Notices”) of this Agreement.  There shall be no changes to the final printed album.

In the event that the style of album(s), book(s) or other product(s) purchased are no longer available from the supplier, an item of like quality and similar style may be substituted.


Keepsake Albums


30 Page Fabric Flushmount Album - $1800

20 page fabric flushmount album - $1200

Finest hand-made, flushmount, debossed album in a variety of fabric options

Available in 12x12 size

60 Images - Multiple Images Per Page

Additional Pages - $60 per page

10 x 10 Flushmount Copy Albums - $800


NJ Wedding Photographer Products-9.jpg


The Book Album


60 Page Fabric Book Album - $900

Fine art press paper, hardcover book in a variety of fabric options

Available in 12x12 and 11x14 Size

One Image Per Page

Additional Pages - $15 per page

10 x 10 Copy Albums - $400

9 x 12 Copy Album - $400




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